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About Us

After more than 30 years of joint experience in academia and industry, we realised that the uptake of renewables is reaching a crucial tipping point.  In Australia, more than one in four homes now have solar panels on their rooftops.  Such a high uptake of renewable, green energy is fantastic, but it also introduces many challenges.  Too much solar makes it considerably harder to manage our electricity grid, and can make the energy market unpredictable.  If we don’t address these problems, there is a risk that solar energy may be curtailed, and the uptake of renewable energy will be slowed.


And so, Solstice AI was born.  We founded Solstice AI on the vision that artificial intelligence can now help to solve climate-related problems more than ever before.  We now have access to more accurate satellite data, at higher resolution and greater frequency.  Advancements in artificial intelligence mean that we can now use that data in ways it has never been used.


We are a growing team and welcome expressions of interest to join us – please email


Meet The Team

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