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Enabling effective integration of renewables

We use artificial intelligence to identify and forecast renewable energy generation sources – enabling more effective integration of renewables into the grid of the future



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Maintain Grid Stability

Keep track of the locations and capacities of all renewable generation resources.  Our artificial intelligence solutions can identify all solar panels across vast regions, and help identify vulnerable parts of the network in real-time with regional solar forecasts.


Identify Solar PV Opportunities


Correlate the uptake of solar panels with socio-demographic data, and identify which neighbourhoods are ready to install more solar.  We can even help to determine which systems may be ready for an upgrade.

Unlock Energy Market Value


More accurate forecasts of regional renewable energy generation enable greater foresight into market dynamics – at both the wholesale and ancillary level.  Let our short-term forecasts help you to participate more proactively in the energy markets of the future.

About Us

"We founded Solstice AI on the vision that artificial intelligence can now help to solve climate-related problems more than ever before. "


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